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BEYOND Art Spacesuit at COP26 (UN Climate Change Conference~ Glasgow Nov 2021)

Ambassador for Spaceship Earth ~ bringing the voices of children together from every country on the planet to raise awareness of the intersection between personal & planetary health


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#AimHigher Earthwork

Partnered with Purpose Entertainment ~ facilitated the collection of space artwork from children at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta to create a beautiful tiled frame for the large Earthwork

(Oct 2021)

Space for Art Supports Inspiration4 Crew & St Jude Kid's Mission to Space

(Today Show ~ Sept 2021)

~ Custom art flight jackets raised $90k for St Jude's Children's Hospital

~ 500 I4 mission art tote bags were provided to the kids at St Jude

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tote bag.jpeg
Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 11.57.20 AM.png


The story of a musical partnership in space ~ with the rockSTARS from Melodic Caring Project

(July 2021) 

Dreamer 1.jpg

DREAMER in Space

UNITY Movement Foundation Shares message from Art Spacesuit Dreamer & the ISS Crew

(July 2021)

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Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 2.21.55 PM.png
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Photo Gallery 
Introducing the Exploration Art Space Suit & Sky|Space Interactive Art Project    
September 19, 2019 ~ RHouse Wynwood

More In The News...

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Gallery: Space for Art (Sept 2019)

Wonderful selection of event pictures.

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(CNN ~ 2016)

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