Maria Lanas
Artist, Founder, "Projekt Postcard"
Founding Director, "Space for Art" 

Maria is an artist, and for the past twenty years has also worked as an executive within the Telecom Industry.  


She earned a BFA from the Corcoran School of Art and Design. As an artist, her work has exhibited in group shows and solo exhibits around the world. She is the founder of a global art and culture initiative called Projekt Postcard. The project's mission is to expand children's vision beyond the limits of their own cultural boundaries and to promote unity through art. In 2016, Projekt Postcard's "One World" installation at Dulles airport caught the attention of astronaut Nicole Stott. 

After their initial meeting, Maria and Nicole began to work together and created the "Postcards to Space" Project, which resulted in a collection of over 1000 children's space-themed art on postcards from nine countries, which were collected and displayed in an electronic art piece that was projected inside the International Space Station. The "Postcards to Space" project was followed by two more space-inspired art therapy projects, "Earthrise" and "Sky|Space."

As a founding director of the Space for Art Foundation, Maria has taken an active role in the development of all projects and the organization, and has helped expand the foundation's outreach by introduction to hospitals and schools in the US, Latin America, and Europe.

During the implementation of these projects, she created and taught space-inspired art therapy workshops in hospitals, schools, refugee organizations locally and abroad.

For the "Earthrise" project, Maria created a 30' long art installation with 250 Earthrise drawings from children around the world - which was an installation created for one night to showcase the kid's artwork at the Apollo 8 50th anniversary celebration at the Kennedy Space Center, FL.