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Postcards to Space

Inspired by the idea of amazing artist and founding director Maria Lanas & her extraordinary “Projekt Postcard” display in the Dulles Airport, we gathered artwork in the form of colorful space-themed postcards from over 1000 children in hospitals & schools from 9 countries around the world. Their postcard art was inspired by space exploration & gave the children the opportunity to share their messages with the international crew of astronauts & cosmonauts living in space.








Knowing we wouldn’t be able to send over 1000 paper postcards to the space station, we collected the children’s artwork electronically & our Space for Art partner A-Blok Interactive Experiences created a video compilation of their artwork & their messages of unity and the healing power of art, which is also beautifully enhanced by the original music of Alex Alvear composed specially for the video & incorporates the voices of the children. The Postcards to Space video has been shared with the crew of the ISS and will be premiered here on Earth on Nov 20, 2018 during the celebration of the UNICEF World Children’s Day events.

projekt postcard logo.jpeg

In honor of UNICEF World Children's Day, the "Postcards to Space" messages of unity were sent to space from children all over the world.

Special thanks to the ABlok Interactive Experiences team for bringing this project to life! And to the ISS crew of Expedtion 55 for sharing their view of the video in space with all of us down here on Earth! #space #art #healing

on iss.jpeg

"Postcards to Space"

Video from Space

IMG_8325 copy.jpg
IMG_7022 copy.jpg
Potomac cover.jpeg
Комаров Артем copy.jpg
"You are amazing people doing a great job!
Enjoy your time in space & come back
to Earth safely!" ~ Sofia Voshresengskaga
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cvb gvcn copy.jpg
Copy of IMG_4117.jpg
3A 1.jpeg
Коренчук Вика copy.jpg
IMG_0213 copy.jpg
Postcards to space Pintag.jpg
8 copy.jpg
"If you see spooky aliens, please let us know so we can survive the invasion!" ~ Anthony M.
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