Our Space for Art Foundation crew is an all volunteer, interdisciplinary team of art, aerospace, astronaut, and health professionals; and most importantly our Artonauts - children in hospitals, refugee centers, and schools from around the world.

Board of Directors


Ian Cion

Artist, Writer, Aspiring Astronaut

Founding Director, "Space for Art"

cion LEA suit.crop.jpg

David Graziosi

Fellow, ILC Dover LP 

Founding Director, "Space for Art"

Maria Lanas

"Projekt Postcard"

Founding Director, "Space for Art"

Nicole Stott

Artist, Astronaut, Earthling

Founding Director, "Space for Art"



ILC Dover Aerospace

Construction of Art Spacesuits


Alena Kuzmenko

Founder, "UNITY Movement" 

Unity logo.jpeg

A-Blok Interactive Experiences

Production of Interactive Space for Art Experiences

ablok logo.jpeg
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