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Our Crew

What started with one artist, with children undergoing pediatric cancer treatment in one hospital, in one country, with one art spacesuit, has blossomed into a global Space for Art community. We are an interdisciplinary and international team of creative artists, astronauts, and health experts, and most importantly children in hospitals, refugee centers, and schools from around the world -- we are thankful to be part of the amazing Space for Art crew. We are on a mission to unite heroic children around the world and help them overcome the challenges they're facing through the awe and wonder of space exploration, our Spaceship Earth, and the healing power of art.

We are working together to develop, implement, and facilitate space-inspired art therapy programs, scholarships, and research.  A significant part of our Space for Art Mission is to carry the children’s inspiration forward to facilitate space-themed art and healing programs in more hospitals and schools around the world, to facilitate research that applies space technology in innovative and creative ways in support of healthful living here on and for Earth, and to award scholarships to art students and artists who want to develop their own space-themed art therapy projects. 

Ian Cion

Artist, Writer, Aspiring Astronaut

Founding Director, "Space for Art"

David Graziosi

Fellow, ILC Dover LP 

Founding Director, "Space for Art"

Alena Kuzmenko

Founder, "Unity Movement (Russia)"

Maria Lanas

"Projekt Postcard"

Founding Director, "Space for Art"


Nicole Stott

Artist, Astronaut, Earthling

Founding Director, "Space for Art"