Earthrise ~ Spaceship Earth

As we gathered the artwork for the Dreamer and Exploration art spacesuits, we also invited the children to participate in our

'Earthrise ~ Spaceship Earth' project.


The Earthrise art project is in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 8 mission to the Moon and the iconic Earthrise image the astronauts took of our home planet rising above the horizon of the Moon on Christmas Eve 1968. The project is designed to bring the children’s artwork together to celebrate the unifying message of the image – in this one image is the “who and where” we all are.


Like the mission of the Exploration suit, Earthrise is a way for the children to create something beautiful and meaningful together with an understanding of the very special place they share with all of the other children here on Spaceship Earth.


The children's Earthrise artwork was compiled by our friends at ABlok Interactive Experiences into a large format digital video art piece. The video is accompanied by the beautiful music "Earth Moon" by composer Amanda Lee Falkenberg. This video has been shared with the children, across all of our social media platforms, and we are also very excited that it was debuted on the IMAX screen at the Kennedy Space Center in FL as part of an Apollo 8 anniversary celebration.   


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