Space for Art Exhibits

Our exhibits are the wonderful culmination of all of our Space for Art projects and are our opportunity to present and share the children’s artwork with the public. We develop these exhibits in very creative ways so the entire exhibit is built with a focus on the larger children’s art project (e.g. art spacesuits), but with supporting displays and themed artwork surrounding it.


Our first Space for Art Exhibit was hosted by Space Center Houston in their central gallery. It was a stunning exhibit with three of the colorful art space suits - Hope, Courage, and Unity - at the center and the surrounding displays were artwork created by the Johnson Space Center technical community. It was an incredible mix of space art created by the children and a variety of art created by scientists, engineers, and astronauts who are normally only thought of for their technical work.


We are looking forward to our future exhibits that will continue to bring together the worlds of art, space, and science by showcasing all of the children's Space for Art Foundation global art projects.

jsc2017e010320 (1)_edited.jpg
Inaugural Space for Art Exhibit, Space Center Houston, 2017

Our recent and some upcoming exhibits:

- Aug 2019 (Tucson, AZ) - Spacefest 

- Sept 2019 (Miami, FL) - Space for Art Foundation Interactive Art Experience and Fundraiser

- Sept 2019 (Miami, FL) - OMEGA Boutique Conversation

- Oct 2019 (Paris, France) - Exploration Art Spacesuit showcased at the International Fashion Academy "White Nights in Paris" events

- Nov 2019 (KSC, FL) - Apollo 12 50th Anniversary Celebration, "Taste of Space"

- Jan-Mar 2020 (LA, CA) - "Message to Space", Supercollider Gallery

- Summer 2020 (Tampa, FL) - Space for Art Exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)

Spacefest, Tucson ~ Exploration on display and joining a group of astronauts for a photo ;) 


Space for Art Interactive Art Experience and Fundraiser, Miami


Miami event dancers with Exploration

OMEGA Boutique, Miami


International Fashion Academy, Paris