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Spacesuit Art Project

unity video pic.jpeg

Spacesuit Artists celebrating Unity

Courage in space!

Astronaut Kate Rubins

ISS Expedition 49

Video Conference with Kate & Courage

Art Spacesuits Unity and Hope and young artist strolling on "Mars"

Gary at ILC Dover

Creating Hope

Our Space for Art story began with the awesomeness of the Spacesuit Art Project, which was started by one of our founding directors, Ian Cion, and that we were all blessed to help make happen. Who would have guessed how amazingly inspirational that colorful spacesuits made from children’s artwork could be?! 

What started with one artist, with children undergoing pediatric cancer treatment in one hospital, in one country, with one art spacesuit, has blossomed into a global Space for Art community. Many artists, astronauts and cosmonauts, space professionals, health experts, and most importantly children in hospitals, refugee centers, and schools from around the world, have now brought to life five art spacesuits (3 that have traveled to and from the International Space Station (ISS)). We are so thankful to be part of the amazing Space for Art crew that is on a mission to help unite heroic children around the world and help overcome their challenges through the awe and wonder of space exploration, their role as crew on Spaceship Earth, and the healing power of art.


Our art spacesuits - Hope, Courage, Unity, Victory, and Exploration - represent the strength and vision of the children who helped create them; the inspiration that comes from through the audacity of space exploration, and the healing power of art; and they represent the dreams that all of the children have for a happy and healthy future for themselves and all around them. 


The two newest art spacesuits are Dreamer and Exploration. Both are created with the artwork from children around the planet, and through continued partnership with our partner UNITY and spacesuit companies Zvezda and ILC Dover. 


Exploration was created as the ambassador for Spaceship Earth - on a mission to bring us all back to Earth, as a reminder that we all live on a planet (on our own spaceship), and that we are all Earthlings. ILC Dover quilted the artwork together from children in over 45 countries.


Dreamer is being created with the hope of traveling to the ISS with a very special mission (to be announced) and to take the dreams of the children on a journey to outer space. Spacesuit company Zvezda is building Dreamer from the artwork of children in the 15 ISS partner countries.

Hope & Ian

Dave leading a cheer for Space, Art & Healing!

Art Spacesuit Victory flying on ISS

Art Spacesuit Unity all packed into this helmet and

ready to fly 

to space! 

Astronaut Jack Fischer wearing Unity on the ISS! 

Unity gives a big thumbs up to flying in space!

Exploration celebrating Apollo Moon Landing 50th with OMEGA Golden Astronaut! 

Exploration makes debut

at Spacefest in Tucson 

Hamoud reunited with his painting & meets 

Exploration in Paris

Exploration & team in Miami celebrating all things Space for Art