Spacesuit Art Project

Our Space for Art story began with the awesomeness of the Spacesuit Art Project. One of our founding directors, Ian Cion, is the artistic genius behind the spacesuit art. What started with one artist, with children undergoing pediatric cancer treatment in one hospital, in one country, and with one art spacesuit, has blossomed into a planetary Space for Art community. Many artists, astronauts and cosmonauts, space professionals, health experts, and most importantly children in hospitals, refugee centers, and schools from around the world, have brought to life six art spacesuits. (Four that have traveled to and from the International Space Station (ISS)) 


Hope & Ian

unity video pic.jpeg

Our Art Spacesuits ~ Hope, Courage, Unity, Victory, Dreamer, and Exploration ~ are all named to capture the strength and vision of the children from around the planet who helped create them.


We are fortunate to have the continued partnership with spacesuit company ILC Dover Astrospace and UNITY

The most recently created suits are Exploration and Dreamer.

Exploration is an ambassador for Spaceship Earth - on a mission to bring us all back to Earth.

A beautiful reminder that we all live on a planet (on our own spaceship), and that we are all Earthlings.  

ILC Dover quilted together the original artwork from children in hospitals and refugee centers in over 45 countries.

Dreamer was created to take the dreams of the children on a journey to outer space. Dreamer traveled to the International Space Station (ISS) on a Soyuz spacecraft and is currently part of the ISS crew. The UNITY team in Russia and spacesuit company Zvezda built Dreamer from the artwork of children in hospitals in 20 cities and 10 countries (Russia, USA, Switzerland, the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Armenia, Serbia, and Zambia).

We look forward to welcoming Dreamer back to Earth!

For our current art spacesuit, Beyond, we have collected artwork from at least one child in every country on the planet. ILC Dover is quilting the artwork together to create Beyond. We are so excited to see Beyond come to life and for its introduction to the world!


Beyond and Dreamer have been invited to participate in the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland in Nov 2021. Together they will represent our place in the universe and the connection between personal and planetary health.


Art Spacesuits Unity and Hope and young artist strolling on "Mars"

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Reid & Nicole meeting with a young artist at the University of TX MD Anderson Pediatric Cancer Center in Houston

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Hamoud reunited with his painting & meets  Exploration in Paris!

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Art Spacesuits Unity and Hope and young artist strolling on "Mars"

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